Menomena – “Heavy Is as Heavy Does”

Menomena - MomsBrent Knopf, who also performs as Ramona Falls, recently left the Portland trio Menomena. The rest of the group, Justin Harris and Danny Seim, have kept going as a duo, adding Joe Haege (31 Knots, Tu Fawning) and Paul Alcott to fill the vacancy on tour.

Seim addressed it with a sense of humor, saying:

We lost a major creative force in Brent, but thankfully, Brent’s not Kurt Cobain, and we’re not Nirvana. Brent’s more like Peter Gabriel and we’re more like Genesis. And everyone knows how much better Genesis got after that talentless hack Gabriel quit. Waitaminute…

The slightly regrouped band is releasing their fifth LP, Moms, this fall, and the first single, “Heavy Is as Heavy Does,” shows they’ve still got it.

The solemn first half is just slow piano and soft vocals, but it starts to build with drums and a synth-fuzz bassline, before all hell breaks loose — chaotic guitar squeals and pounding horns.

Check out “Heavy Is as Heavy Does” below. Moms is out September 18 via Barsuk.


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