Wild Nothing – “Paradise”

Wild Nothing - ParadiseIf you loved Balmorhea‘s beautiful “Pyrakantha,” but wished that it was a bit more ’80s, Wild Nothing‘s “Paradise” may be the perfect song for you.

While Wild Nothing has worn its ’80s influence on its sleeve all along, its previous output hasn’t been known characterized by synth-heavy New Wave sounds. While some tracks, like “Quiet Hours,” from 2010’s Golden Haze EP, have played around with this sound a little, most have stuck with Smiths-esque guitars.

“Paradise,” on the other hand, features all the trade marks of the genre: swirling snyths, a deep bass line, and a choppy guitar riff. It even finds singer/sole-permanent-member Jack Tatum speak-singing.

But don’t think “Paradise” is nothing but a genre exercise. It has all of the ambient beauty of the aforementioned “Pyrakantha” and all of the charm that made listeners fall in love with Wild Nothing after its debut, Gemini.

“Paradise” is the second track, following “Shadow,” from Wild Nothing’s new album, Nocturne. You can download the song (and track the phases of the moon) over at wild-nothing-nocturne.com. Nocturne is out August 28 via Captured Tracks.


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