Chilly Gonzales – “Kenaston,” “Othello” and “White Keys”

Chilly Gonzales - Solo Piano IIChilly Gonzales is both the producer of Feist‘s last three albums and the creator of that song from the iPhone commercials. But he’s also an incredible classical pianist. He put out Solo Piano in 2004 (under the name Gonzales), and he’s following it up with Solo Piano II.

A few tracks from Solo Piano II, “White Keys” and “Othello,” have been streaming on his SoundCloud, and now you can preview a third track, “Kenaston.”

Even in a totally unpretentious way, the three cuts, and surely the rest of the album, are a great listen. Strong melodies come through right away in “Kenaston” and “Othello,” showing his obvious influence on Feist.

“White Keys” messes around a bit more, though, switching between ideas. Gonzales adds a phaser effect in one section, shifts between stereo channels in the next, then suddenly Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law” comes out of nowhere before the final piano theme. We’re not sure if that made the final cut of the album, but it definitely makes the piano seem that much more soothing.

Solo Piano II comes out August 28 via Arts & Crafts.


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