of Montreal – “Sails, Hermaphroditic”

of Montreal - Daughter of Cloudof Montreal is releasing a new rarities album. Daughter of Cloud will feature 10 unreleased tracks and seven rare or out-of-print. All of the songs were recorded between 2007 and 2012, so it’s a fair bet to say that they’ll all be like the bizarre, funky sex jams from the trio of albums Skeletal Lamping, False Priest and Paralytic Stalks.

“Sails, Hermaphroditic,” the first track released from the album, is definitely weird. Frontman Kevin Barnes rolls out lines like “champagne and strawberry pancakes for an after-sex snack,” and hammers them with wild harmonies over a disco-funk bass. Even a chorus as odd as “If I could Dr. Frankenstein the world, start this bitch anew, I would change the shit out of you,” sticks immediately.

“Sails” is as infectious as any of the best tracks from their last three albums. Hopefully, Daughter of Cloud is full of gems like this.

The rarities album comes out October 23 on Polyvinyl.


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