Andrew Bird – “Three White Horses”

Andrew Bird - Hands of GloryAndrew Bird is getting ready to release Hands of Glory, the companion piece to Break It Yourself. The eight-song album was recorded with Bird’s full live band, using all acoustic instruments, gathered around a single microphone in a church and a barn.

Hands of Glory features two new songs, a reworking of Break It Yourself‘s “Orpheo Looks Back,” and covers of the Carter Family, the Handsome Family and others.

Stream “Three White Horses” below and see the full tracklist after the jump.

Hands of Glory tracklist:

01 Three White Horses
02 When That Helicopter Comes
03 Spirograph
04 Railroad Bill
05 Something Biblical
06 If I Needed You
07 Orpheo
08 Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses


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