FIDLAR album coverAt the news of punk/surf/garage band FIDLAR (short for “Fuck it, Dog, Life’s A Risk”) teaming up with dainty folk princess Kate Nash, you may have thought exactly this: Awkward.

But remember, friends, Kate Nash has transformed. She’s ditched her pop-song ways for music that’s more… angsty. Some may say her stab at the punk genre is a complete turn-around from “Pumpkin Soup” and “Birds.” Really, it’s a metamorphasis — a much-needed change from indie it-girl to angry riot-grrl. And with her stringy black and blond bangs (so long, shaggy auburn locks) leather jacket and kitschy mix-and-match prints (and Nicole Richie’s $275 top), she’s ready to rock.

Which makes for a (almost) perfect match for beer-guzzling, drug-doing, guitar-slamming Fidlar, the reckless foursome from the West Coast. After seeing them at CMJ (about a year ago!), New York’s Mom + Pop Records signed the dudes, who are currently touring and are set to release a self-titled full-length album January 22. Think: 14 tracks of cymbals crashing, aggressive guitar playing and plenty of screaming (while sticking it to the man, of course) all with a California vibe.

Sounds a little like Nash’s description of her upcoming album: “It’s a real mix of angsty shouting, pop harmonies, surfy twangy sounding guitars and big bass sounds.” Seriously, guys, do you have anything else in common?

“AWWWKWAARRRDDD” has straight-forward lyrics: “Every time you come on over, I just wanna listen. I know you got some issues and I know that you just miss him.” All honesty here! “I’ll probably end up fuckin’ up and make it super awkward,” they sing, repeating the phrase until the song’s end. Self-deprecating, yeah, but the band does a great job turning an over-used convo keyword into something personal and real. The spelling (you know, all those extra letters) looks like an ironic ode to modern-day communication — kind of like emoticons or acronyms.

The song’s narrative sounds a tad like Kate’s – something like “The Nicest Thing.” Going to a party, getting down on yourself, wanting to talk to someone else but not finding the social strength… Sound familiar, Fidlar?

If you ask me, Fidlar and Kate Na$h (note the dollar sign) are made for each other.

For the seemingly not awkward track, listen below.


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