The Denzels – Easy Tiger

The Denzels - Easy TigerThe Denzels’ Easy Tiger EP is the end-of-summer blues. The last few rays of sun-drenched treble guitars collide with the chill of singer Tommy Hinga’s low vocals. But don’t expect some quiet lament. The band’s high-energy indie rock captures the thrill of something exciting and fresh.

The opening guitar riff and hi-hat of “Black Girls” give the EP a running start. The surfy licks come with a layer of grit and reverb, more city than beach. The next two songs also pack a punch in the rhythm. The crunchy guitars of “Shaking” give way to a killer chorus, and the Denzels do it with a swagger that’s all but lost in most rock music.

The last two tracks wind down Easy Tiger a bit. The eerie “Waterfront” recalls Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger,” especially Hinga’s somber vocals. The closer, “Cure,” features a desolate soundscape of reverb paired with a sugary vocal hook.

In just 18 minutes, The Denzels capture the fleeting change of seasons. It’s a quick glance to the past and a hopeful sense of what’s ahead.

Easy Tiger is out now on Admirable Traits Records. Stream is below.


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