Top 20 of 2012: 3. Tropical Punk – Ends of the World

3. Tropical Punk – Ends of the World

Tropical Punk - Ends of the WorldTropical Punk was by-far my most-played artist of 2012. No contest. The Nashville-via-Ithaca band put out a series of three 7″ EPs called Runaway American Kids and their debut full-length Ends of the World this year on their own Denim Records, and I can’t stop playing them.

The handmade Ends of the World CD lived in my car for months, where it became my go-to album. If I didn’t have a specific plan for something else, Ends of the World stayed in, and when it was over, I just let it cycle through again.

Usually, this is a great way to start hating your favorite bands, but for some reason, with each listen, Tropical Punk keeps getting better.

Ends of the World and all three Runaway American Kids 7″s are now available on vinyl via Tropical Punk’s Bandcamp. The rest of Denim Records is also worth checking out — including Music Band‘s Satan’s Grave and Kin Ship’s Where I Live, released yesterday.


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