David Bowie – “Where Are We Now?”

David Bowie - The Next DayIt’s been a long time since David Bowie‘s last album, so the news of a new release is a big deal.

“Where Are We Now?,” the first single from his upcoming album The Next Day, is the first we’ve heard from Bowie since 2003. In those 10 years, I’ve been spending more and more time with his classics like The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, “Heroes,” and Hunky Doryand judging by the cover art for The Next Day, Bowie might have spent some time looking back as well.

One thing I’ve come to love about him is that the Bowie on “Heroes” is way different than the Bowie on Ziggy, and neither of those are the man we hear on “Where Are We Now?.” In the video, he looks and sounds even older than his 66 years. It’s beautiful, though, and I can’t wait to hear more of this Bowie.

Check out the video for “Where Are We Now?” below. The Next Day is out March 11 via Columbia.


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