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The Men – “Electric”

The Men - New MoonKeeping up with their unstoppable pace, The Men are putting out a new album this year. The band traveled to Big Indian, N.Y. to record New Moon — which will be released March 5 on Sacred Bones.

The album’s first single, “Electric,” is garage-punk perfection. Though they’ve toned down the distortion of their earliest releases, the new song still packs a blown-out Stooges punch.

Last year’s Open Your Heart was one of our top records, and it’d be no surprise to find New Moon on our 2013 list.

Stream “Electric” below.


Top 20 of 2013: 13. The Men – Open Your Heart

13. The Men – Open Your Heart

The Men - Open Your HeartSomehow, The Men have managed to put out three albums in three years. More importantly, it’s not slapped-together LPs of hurried work. The Men actually get better with each record.

Open Your Heart is definitely less rough, but every bit as blistering as their previous efforts. It’s got the pummeling “Turn It Around” and two distorted seven-minute-plus jams, but it also veers off a few times. “Country Song” is exactly what it sounds like: a slow country song. “Candy” falls in the same category, too, but somehow, it totally works.

Right now, the Men have the recording pace of Neil Young. Let’s hope they never fall into his hit-or-miss pattern and just keep pumping out classics like this one.

The Men – “A Minor”

Sacred Bones Todo Muere Vol. 2Brooklyn band The Men just released their ferocious sophomore album, Open Your Heart, but they’ve got another new track coming out on Record Store Day. Their label, Sacred Bones, is putting out Todo Muere Vol. 2, which also features unreleased songs by Crystal Stilts, Slug Guts and the Fresh & Onlys’ Wymond Miles.

The Men’s contribution is slow at first, building until around the two-minute mark, where the droning guitars take over. It slows again before really taking off. The guitar solos (at six and seven minutes in) are absolutely killer.

Hear the eight-minute “A Minor” below and check out the tracklist for Todo Muere Vol. 2 after the jump.

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