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David Bowie – “Where Are We Now?”

David Bowie - The Next DayIt’s been a long time since David Bowie‘s last album, so the news of a new release is a big deal.

“Where Are We Now?,” the first single from his upcoming album The Next Day, is the first we’ve heard from Bowie since 2003. In those 10 years, I’ve been spending more and more time with his classics like The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, “Heroes,” and Hunky Doryand judging by the cover art for The Next Day, Bowie might have spent some time looking back as well.

One thing I’ve come to love about him is that the Bowie on “Heroes” is way different than the Bowie on Ziggy, and neither of those are the man we hear on “Where Are We Now?.” In the video, he looks and sounds even older than his 66 years. It’s beautiful, though, and I can’t wait to hear more of this Bowie.

Check out the video for “Where Are We Now?” below. The Next Day is out March 11 via Columbia.


The Men – “Electric”

The Men - New MoonKeeping up with their unstoppable pace, The Men are putting out a new album this year. The band traveled to Big Indian, N.Y. to record New Moon — which will be released March 5 on Sacred Bones.

The album’s first single, “Electric,” is garage-punk perfection. Though they’ve toned down the distortion of their earliest releases, the new song still packs a blown-out Stooges punch.

Last year’s Open Your Heart was one of our top records, and it’d be no surprise to find New Moon on our 2013 list.

Stream “Electric” below.

Top 20 of 2012: 15. Bob Dylan – Tempest

15. Bob Dylan – Tempest

Bob Dylan - TempestThere’s a reason people still listen to Bob Dylan. It’s not to remember the greatness that once was; it’s all about what he still has to offer.

Dylan is unquestionably one of the greatest songwriters to ever live. Sure, he’s faltered a few times in the course of 35 albums, but he’s been on a late-career hot streak with brilliant albums like Modern Times and Time Out of Mind. Tempest might even stand above those modern masterpieces.

Most musicians don’t ever come close to 35 albums — and you almost always wish they don’t. But none of them are Bob Dylan.

Shout Out Louds – “Blue Ice”

Shout Out Louds - Blue IceRecord enthusiasts have been finding ways to be creative with records. Jack White‘s Third Man Records has been a leader, innovating everything from 3 rpm records to releasing 1000 limited-edition flexi-discs in helium balloons, set free in the air.

But the latest creative record doesn’t come from White. It comes from Swedish band Shout Out Louds, who have released the world’s first ice record. Since it’d be pretty difficult to sell a block of ice that wouldn’t melt, the record has to be made by the listener in a special mold, shown in the video below. There were only 10 kits made, and Merge is giving one away.

The song, aptly titled “Blue Ice,” is from the band’s forthcoming album, out early next year.

Check out the new track (and the video about how the record is made) below, and enter to win a 7″ kit here.

Titus Andronicus – “Still Life with Hot Deuce and Silver Platter”

Titus Andronicus - Local BusinessTitus Andronicus just released another track from their upcoming third LP, Local Business. The band has been playing “Still Life with Hot Deuce and Silver Platter” live recently, but you can hear the studio version via another lyric video.

Clocking in at over five minutes, the new track seems to recapture a bit of the sprawling punk of The Monitor. Stream the new track below and check out the album’s first single, “In a Big City.”

Local Business is out October 22 via XL.

The Rolling Stones – “Doom and Gloom”

The Rolling Stones - GRRR!The Rolling Stones recorded two new songs for their upcoming greatest hits album GRRR!

“Doom and Gloom” is one of those new tracks, recorded over the summer in Paris. It’s the first new Stones music released in six years.

GRRR! is a 50-track compilation celebrating the band’s 50 years making music. The other new track is ominously titled “One Last Song.”

GRRR! comes out November 13.

Titus Andronicus – “In a Big City”

Titus Andronicus - Local BusinessTitus Andronicus announced today they’ll be releasing their third LP, Local Business, this fall. In a blog post, frontman Patrick Stickles revealed the album’s title, cover art — created by the band’s friend Nolen Strals (Pure Junk, ex-Double Daggers) — release date, and first single, “In a Big City.”

Stream “In a Big City” below via a homemade lyric video. Local Business is out October 22 via XL.