Case Study – Little Power Shop

Little Power Shop

A shop That Does Everything

Little Power Shop owner John Anderson’s passion for his work brought his business many opportunities. In addition to its auto repair shop, located in Bradford, Pa., which doubles as a retail store, Little Power Shop dabbles in B2B and online sales – a growing venture for the company.

While all these different aspects made the company one of the fastest-growing automotive retailers in the northeast, it was hard to market. Little Power Shop had multiple target markets and struggled with how to best reach them all.

Presenting a Consistent Company

At first, Little Power Shop began marketing all of its different aspects separately. Its website seemed almost like it was run by multiple companies. We recommended that the company redesign its website to present a unified business that does many different things.

Little Power Shop’s website already featured some strong aspects, including an all-in-one online store. The most unique feature was the performance articles. Anderson had begun blogging on the site – offering free advice. These articles help position Anderson and Little Power Shop as a genuine organization – one that isn’t just out to make money.


Little Power Shop has started to redesign its website for a cleaner look. The online store, performance articles and store information are featured prominently. The company is still working to create a strong online presence to draw in customers from outside its local area.


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